Polygon Love 2 is a 3D erotic/life simulation game developed by Purple Heart for the PC. The player assumes the role of a young male involved into a certain amount of different social actions with his little sister.

While the game itself is in Japanese, a fan created English patch is available that converts some of the written Japanese into English. Apart from this patch, there are many other mods and patches, made by fans. They remove censorship, add new clothes and new models for girls. Among other ones there exist skins that will make girls in the game look like characters from Sailor Moon series.



Just run Google search for "Polygon Love 2" torrent

In order to install the models below you will also need:
Polygon Love 2 FrontEnd (87.2 KB): PL2FrontEnd_v01.4.5.rar
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (23.1 MB): Download from Microsoft website



1. After unpacking an archive with the model your want to install, move the unpacked folder with all its content (folder's name will look like "[Theme][Sailor Moon]Sailor Venus") to "add-ons\materials" subfolder of your Polygon Love installation folder.

2. Start PL2FrontEnd.exe. In its main window you will see a list of available models. Right-click one of them and select "install" menu item. The line with model's name will turn green showing that installation was successful. Click "Start PL2" button to run the game itself.

3. Go to "Totally H Mode". In this mode you'll have to browse through menus with different items (hair, body, clothes etc.) and pick the new ones belonging to the model you installed (they will show in the end of all lists). When you finish selecting external looks of the girl, click "start" button to start the game.

All models of Sailor senshi below are made by Y8L (Japan).


Click shots to view them full size (800x600)

Sailor Moon (2.17 MB): Sailor Moon v1.1.zip
Sailor Moon (402 KB): Sailor Moon (School Uniform).zip
Sailor Mars (1.53 MB): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Mars.zip
Sailor Mercury (1.37 MB): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Mecury.zip
Sailor Pluto (2.10 MB): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Pluto.zip
Sailor Saturn (2.48 MB): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Saturn_v1.2.zip
Sailor Saturn Musical version (988 KB): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Saturn_Musical_v1.2.rar *
Sailor Venus (1.89 Mb): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Venus.zip
Sailor Jupiter (1.59 MB): Theme_Sailor_Moon_Sailor_Jupiter.zip

[* must be installed with basic Sailor Saturn version]